The research teams and partners

This project organization is unique in two regards: its interdisciplinary combination of artistic design, psychology and organization studies and its transdisciplinary collaboration, including public, private, and civic partners. The five partners:

  • The Academy of Art and Design (HDK-Valand) , coordinating partner, has a long research, practice and teaching experience in fine and applied arts. Two focus areas are key: Child Culture Design and Business & Design. Three experienced artistic designers cooperate in the artistic leadership, while two PhDs (psychology and organization studies) and a doctoral student (design) share the scientific research work.

  • The National Swedish Handicraft Council (NFH) , state agency, participates with a focus on “Strategic handicraft”, developing the contribution of handicraft to Sustainable Development Goals, including working with children in public spaces. Participant: NFH craft consultant with PhD in design.

  • Eco Agroforestry Center (EAC), civic organization based in the North-East of Gothenburg, brings to the project a peri-urban multigenerational meeting place concerning farming and recreation. Participant: contact person for the EAC board.

  • The Cultural Development Administration, Region Västra Götaland brings expertise in the implementation of various art forms, natural and cultural heritage in the Region Västra Götaland and is closely connected to the municipality. Sustainability, accessibility and children’s perspective are prioritized in all missions. Participant: regional advisor for Architecture, Design and C ontemporary art.

  • Kompan, leading European playground design company, contributes with know-how about playground design, production, material and safety as well as facilities for prototyping. Participants: lead designer and chief designer.